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Tracfone, Net10 and Straight Talk Text Messaging
Version 3.0

Text message a Tracfone, Net10 or Straight Talk phone for free!

This site will allow to to send a text message to someone who has a Tracfone, Net10 or Straight Talk phone without having to use your phone or minutes to do so.

Almost all Tracfones and Ne10 phones support text messaging (or SMS - Short Message Service).

All you have to do is enter their cell phone number and message in the respective boxes below and click submit!

No limits on the number of messages sent via this site! (We will not stop you anyway)

(NOTE: Some people may get the same message twice! Working on fixing that issue...)


Phone Number (Including area code, no dashes or spaces)

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Message (Limit 160 Characters)

Please note that message are logged for security purposes.